Permanent Makeup

Your Beauty. Defined.

Permanent makeup has become a complete game changer in the industry. The ability to have amazing eyebrows, lipstick,  and liners that don’t smudge or fade is within reach. Now you can have it all and save the time used in yor busy day to re-apply every morning before you walk out the door. 

Applying makeup can take up precious time that can be spent doing what you love!  We all just want to look in the mirror at a glance and feel at peace with the reflection that we see.  At Veiled we are blessed to be able to combine paramedical with cosmetic services in reconstruction when necessary.

Touch ups are always required and included in pricing in consult.


Our professional PMU Artists perform all of the proper mapping, colour selection and consultingn, prior to ever using a machine on your skin. Our products vary from single hair stroke, ombre and combination brows – which are perfected to frame your eyes and accentuate your confidence from morning to night.


From subtle nudes, to reds that pop, to luminous pinks.

Maybe a liner?

Perhaps a full lip custom tailored in colour,  shape and contoured ombre.


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