Scar Camouflage

Unveil Self Confidence.

The skin is our largest organ.  Its main function is to protect, regulate and allow for sensation. Combined it is over 20 square feet in size. 

This large size means that we all have scarring. We all have irregularities from cosmetic or medical procedures, acne/acne or chickenpox. Ra growth, medical treatment and even hair loss, can be camouflaged and reconstructed using dermis  or hair toned pigments. We can achieve almost anything. The beauty of being able to consult with you allows us to unveil your self confidence with the skin you’re already in.

Acne Vein & Microneeding

Acne scarring and post accutane use can leave acne sufferers with self confidence scars and dermal doubts alike. There are many types of scarring, such as ice pick and rolling. These can be treated first  with micro needling to reeducate the dermis. This produces healthy collagen and fibroblast to help even out that scarring. The second step in treatment is that experts go in and re-pigment the skin where needed. This may also involve  hyper pigmentation. Consultations are helpful in communicating all of your goals and expectations to our specialists. 

Allow us to unveil your self confidence!

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Self Harm Scar Veiling

Veiled Permanent Makeup and Paramedical Tattoo offers self harm scar camouflage to help you regain your confidence with compassion and understanding. There are very few treatments available for self harm, and the most common has been to cover it with dark pigments and traditional tattoos. This is not always for everyone. It’s a personal preference. It is also difficult to find a tattoo artist that works in scar tissue, as it does not behave in the same way normal skin would.

Stretch Mark Veiling

What?? Stretch mark camouflage? Yes it’s a thing!! From growth to pregnancy, our skin is stretched. Some individuals welcome stretch marks and embrace their tiger stripes. For some, however, they are a confidence killer. 

Skin Grafting

Skin grafts are amazing medical advancements, but occasionally the graft is does not reproduce in same tonal colour as the patient’s skin. It can leave uneven borders, and patients feeling self conscientious. Custom colours as well as an advanced understanding of the skin, allows Veiled experts to aid you in your healing journey safely and effectively.

Radiation Marker Veiling

These tiny blue/ black tattoos are needed, and the are so important for radiation treatment. However, after the fact, they can be an unpleasant reminder. There is something to be excited about now, as we can turn these into natural looking freckles.



Whether you have experienced acute hair loss due to medical treatment, or a lifelong scenario, we can assist you. From hair lines to eyebrows, consults are necessary and always complimentary. 

 Almost all of Veiled services can be  performed on all skin types and colours.

Hair Line/Scalp Reconstruction

This reconstruction also can apply to facial hair, facial hair line thickness or even uneven skin growth due to scarring. Hair reconstruction is achieved through intradermal micropigmentation treatments.

Consults available in person/ video call/ and with photos via email always complimentary.

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